Let Me "write with light" . I want to play with colours ! I want to live in these moments ,forever !
      I want you to live forever , forever in the world of my photography , forever in my albums !  
    Life , it would pass in just a Flickr , then why not capture it on some film !
  When you view my snaps , you actually see various events and things by my eyes !

You are Welcome to view this world by my eyes !  You are Welcome to TSNAPS !


I am Dr. M. Tauseef Omer, hobbyist photographer from past 10-12 years. Cameras are like 'friend' to me and i enjoy being with them ! As regards my experience, i have worked with both film and digital, semiPro and Pro DSLR cameras,with Adobe Photoshop and MS Picture-It as software suites;and have worked as President Kemcolians Arts & Photography Society for the year 2011 in King Edward Medical University.
Apart from still photography , i have worked with videos for over 5 years with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects .

Still, apart from 'the stills' and 'videos' .. .. i have other interests as programing (C , Visual Basic, Assembly , and now with Arduino )..... my programing experience and knowledge is basically oriented to electronics (microcontrollers,etc)....Not that only digital electronics , i have a wide experience set with analogue too. was first launched in yr 2004 . Since then , the website has evolved from online photo albums made in macromedia flash, to html photo albums, later in Flickr albums , then picasa. . . . & now finally its a blog.... because  rest of the methods for online photos portal take too much time for updating and managing the photos....& for a doctor to "take out time from his hobbies for professional work ;-) " becomes a difficult task  !... ... is now up and running from a Decade..... !



My Photography gear & Camera collection includes :

Canon Rebel EOS 1000D    

Canon PowerShot A540     
 (This little camera has fully manual features offered to the user that usually come in DSLRs ! Got it in yr 2006 and its still working like a Charm !)

Mini Keychain Camera !
(0.3 Megapixel  and bought for Rs.550/- or almost $6 :p -fun gadget ) It looks pretty lovely to see through its tiny viewfinder !

Ergo Skina Film Camera ! (fully automatic)  
My father bought it for family use in 1990s.

Film camera about 30 years old .
With short range selectable aperture and shutter values; and no motor for film.

Simple Film Camera (make Titan ?)     
Camera with no motor , flash, fixed focus+aperture+shutter
Gifted to me by a friend Omer Altaf (Jigar)

SuperColor 635cl Polaroid Film Camera   
Make of 1980s, gifted to me by a friend Sohaib Anwaar.

National External Flash (PE-145)

Chinese - MIKONA Bouncing Light External Flash with Zoom

Canon 18-55mm IS Lens 

Canon 50mm f1.8 II Lens    

Canon 70-300mm  USM Lens

Small tripod for Macros

Tripods for Distant shots 
- Slick Japanese Full metallic tripod (thats a model of 1950's with a" Crown" that says SLICK ,full metallic and not that much heavy though )

- Chinese Aluminum-Plastic Stand

- Tripod for External Flash Light       

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