Let Me "write with light" . I want to play with colours ! I want to live in these moments ,forever !
      I want you to live forever , forever in the world of my photography , forever in my albums !  
    Life , it would pass in just a Flickr , then why not capture it on some film !
  When you view my snaps , you actually see various events and things by my eyes !

You are Welcomed to view this world by my eyes !  You are Welcomed to TSNAPS !
Hi there !                                                                                             
I am Dr. M. Tauseef Omer,  I'm Neonatologist., and i hold Fellowship in Pediatric Medicine...I'm a hobbyist photographer from past 10-15 years. Cameras are like 'friend' to me and i enjoy being with them ! I have worked a little with film, and too muchhh with digital, semiPro and Pro DSLR cameras,with Adobe Photoshop and MS Picture-It as software suites;and have worked as President Kemcolians Arts & Photography Society for the year 2011 in King Edward Medical University,Lahore, Pakistan.

Apart from still photography , i have worked with videos for over 5 years with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects . Still, apart from the stills and videos .. .. i have other interests as programing (C , Visual Basic, Assembly , and now C for Arduino )..... my programing experience and knowledge is basically oriented to electronics (microcontrollers,etc)....Not that only digital electronics , i have a wide experience set with analogue too.  was first launched in yr 2004 . Since then , the website has evolved from online photo albums made in macromedia flash, to html photo albums, later  Flickr albums , then picasa. . . . & now finally its a blog.... because  rest of the platforms for displaying photos take too much time for updating and managing the photos....& for a doctor to "take out time from his hobbies for professional work ;-) " becomes a difficult task  !... ... is now up and running from over a Decade..... !



My Photography gear & Camera collection includes :

Canon Rebel EOS 1000D    

Canon PowerShot A540     
 (This little camera has fully manual features offered to the user that usually come in DSLRs ! Got it in yr 2006 and its still working like a Charm !)

Mini Keychain Camera !
(0.3 Megapixel  and bought for Rs.550/- or almost $6 :p -fun gadget ) It looks pretty lovely to see through its tiny viewfinder !

Ergo Skina Film Camera ! (fully automatic)  
My father bought it for family use in 1990s.

Film camera about 30 years old .
With short range selectable aperture and shutter values; and no motor for film.

Simple Film Camera (make Titan ?)     
Camera with no motor , flash, fixed focus+aperture+shutter
Gifted to me by a friend Omer Altaf (Jigar)

SuperColor 635cl Polaroid Film Camera   
Make of 1980s, gifted to me by a friend Sohaib Anwaar.

National External Flash (PE-145)

Chinese - MIKONA Bouncing Light External Flash with Zoom

Canon 18-55mm IS Lens 

Canon 50mm f1.8 II Lens    

Canon 70-300mm  USM Lens

Small tripod for Macros

Tripods for Distant shots 
- Slick Japanese Full metallic tripod (thats a model of 1950's with a" Crown" that says SLICK ,full metallic and not that much heavy though )

- Chinese Aluminum-Plastic Stand

- Tripod for External Flash Light       

Wired Remote control 
This remote has button with 3 functions: Half press for Auto Focusing,
complete press for Shutter Control, and , Press&Advance for Locking the button state.

Photography flash connection wire: makes wired synchronization.

Close Up Filters:  10+   2+    1+

Lens conversion Rings :  58-58mm , 52 to 58 mm , 58 to 52mm

 Reverse Lens Cover (once the lens is connected in reverse to camera body,
via reverse lens adapter,
this cover attaches to the other end of lens to protect that side)

Another photograph of Reverse Lens cover.
The cap may be seen.

Rubber Eye piece, it attaches to the camera viewfinder.
The results weren't so good , as it creates a halo around the corners,
and needs very careful eye adjustment.
Not friendly.

52mm Wide Angle Filter for 52mm ring (as 50mm; Nifty Fifty)

Wide angle filter for 58 mm ring (as Kit lens 18-55mm)

Macro Extension Tube, without lens autofocus connections.

58mm  ring hood.

Leningrad 4 Exposure Meter

Endoscope Camera  (PC or cell phone OTG compatible)

White LED lights on its rim for illumination

Continuous video recording camera

May be attached to stand

Wireless Audio Video communication Set 

Wireless flash Kit

4 in 1 reflector set ( Golden, Silver, White, Black)

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