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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Preparation for birth

Review maternal history,sp for risk factors,etc
Meet family,and counsel them.
Wash hands,wear gloves, n chk equipment:

2 dry sheets
Bulb sucker
NG for suction
Suction machine
Mask and AMBU
Iv line 24
Inj epinephrine
Ds 5cc
Dc 1cc
Cord clamps
Sterile blade
Liquid paraffin
Inj Vit K
Tubing for O2
Weighing scale
Baby entry register

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

To include in job interview

Opticard hardware
Opticard article
Breast feeding article
Certificate young investigator award
Custom aperture booklet on photography
Gehwara, Advisory Board
KAPS president certificate
Essential newborn care

Mayo paeds manual

Tips? Really ?


1. Every patient is a potential litigant (however sweet and charming you find  the attenders in counselling session)

2. When a case goes to trial, if you haven’t written date and time of your visit then your notes are questionable.

3. Never hesitate to over investigate. Err on the side of caution.

4. Never hesitate to admit in ICU. Financial status of the patient is not your headache. If not affordable the Govt is providing world class infrastructure and care in all government hospitals.

5. Save atleast Rs 50 lakh  for potential consumer forum litigation. If not possible then get a medical indemnity insurance (whether you are a resident, registrar, consultant)

6. Be firm in your counselling. Retaliate with the same tone. Don’t appear meek.

7. There is no bargaining in health care. If you have made a clinical decision. Stick by it.

8. Make sure you document the patient deteriorating and likelihood of patients death in ICU. (Don’t hesitate to use the word ‘Death’)

9. Dont show sympathy. Be empathetic.

10. Use caution while speaking in ICU. some of the patients are awake. And listening to what u say.

11. Take consent for blood transfusion also.

12. Never advise treatment on phone, whatsapp, skype, sms. Cite the supreme court ruling for the same.

13. If patient attenders call you asking what to do on a holiday and describe the patients condition, dont rely on them. Ask them to bring the patient to the hospital. (The only reason patient son/daughter calls you on a holiday is to get a false assurance that he can wait till tomorrow).

14. Don’t answer phone while driving. His fever of 98.9 is not more important than your life.

15. Take care of your health. You and only you are responsible for your health. The patient you so laboriously resuscitated, revived, treated wont thank you after 19 days of hospital admission.

16. Every stroke of your pen in the OP/IP sheet is medico legally answerable. Chose your words carefully.

17. If you really love your kids, inculcate the love of Maths and Physics in them.

18. The ethics taught to you for your MRCP exam are not applicable for Pakistani scenario.

19. Dont be happy that you have the attenders signature on all the consent forms etc. It may not be his signature after all.

20. When you see a aggressive mob (read anything more than 3 persons) dont try to engage them. Escape the scenario. You maybe a pink belt in Muay-Thai, kick boxing or Krav Maga you cant fight a mob. (It only happens in Tollywood, and you are not a Tollywood hero)

Writer Dr Zulfiqar Kango .. Cardiologist

Fwd as rcvd ..

List of components for 3D scanner

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Ciclop 3D scanner project

logitech c270 HD webcam----  rs. 2500/-
NEMA 17 JK42 HS40 1704----rs 1200/-
1.7A 1.8deg 4kg torque

2 X Lasers 5mw lasers --------rs 635/-
(5V 60 deg)

Bearing 16014   ------- rs 1600/-

Zum scan shield -----rs 700/-

Stepper driver ------ rs 175/-

Uno......----------------- rs 700/-

________________  = rs 7510

Nuts & bolts =    rs 1000/-

========================= rs 8500/-

M8X400MM Black threaded rod 2 PCs
M8X292MM Black threaded rod 1 PCs
M8X170MM Black threaded rod 4 PCs

M8x30 Screw 3pcsM8 Washer 18pcs
M8 Nut 28pcsM3 Nut 6pcsM3x10 Screw 10 pcs     (10mm ?)


go here to get more files
Part Number Description Qty Units
G003657 ZUM BT328 rev2 1 PCs
C03I050003 USB wire 1.2m for charger 1 PCs
C04H010020 Stepstick Drivers A49988 4 layers
(with heatsink) 1 PCs
C05C020001 Power supply 12V-1.5A 1 PCs
C05I070002 M3x10 Screw - DIN-912 Class 8.8 Black 10 PCs
C05I070004 M3 Nut - DIN 934 Class 8 Black 6 PCs
C05I070032 M8 Nut - DIN 934 Class 8 Black 28 PCs
C05I070035 M8 Washer - DIN-125 Class 8 Black 18 PCs
C05I070005 Allen key s/long 2.5 Forum 1 PCs
C05I070068 Bearing 16014 1 PCs
C05I070086 Ceramic screw driver trimmer for electronics 1 PCs
C05I070126 Non-skid EPDM disk (200mm diameter) 1 PCs
C05I070127 HD Webcam C270 1 PCs
C05I070128 MOTOR 42BYGHW609P1-X11 [Nema 17] 1 PCs
G003527 ZUM SCAN Shield 1 PCs
G003803 M8X400MM Black threaded rod 2 PCs
G003804 M8X292MM Black threaded rod 1 PCs
G003805 M8X170MM Black threaded rod 4 PCs
G004291 M8x30 Screw - DIN-933 Class 8.8 Black 3 PCs
G003807 200x8 MM Acrylic cylinder 1 PCs
G003810 3D Scanner Calibration Sticker 1 PCs
G004066 CICLOP 3D Scanner Methacrylate Pattern 1 PCs
G003976 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Motor Support Red 1 PCs
G003979 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Camera Support Red 1 PCs
G003982 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Electronic Cover Red 1 PCs
G003985 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Laser Support Red 2 PCs
G003988 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Fitting Motor-Disk Red 1 PCs
G003997 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Disk Support Red 1 PCs
G004063 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Pattern Support Red 1 PCs
G004000 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Clip Bearing Red 3 PCs
G003991 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Motor Cable Conduit Black 1 PCs
G003994 CICLOP 3D Scanner Printed Laser Cable Conduit Black 2 PCs
Red Line Laser, 5V, 60ยบ, class 1, with connector 2 PCs
G004134 Antislip Pads Transparent H3.5mm W12.7mm 6 PCs


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Camera software compatibility

running in vista service pack 1 compatibility

Quran e Majeed

Completed from 80th to 114th Surah.

Completed from 70 to 80

Starting from 60th Surah to 70

Starting from 50th