Let Me "write with light" . I want to play with colours ! I want to live in these moments ,forever !
      I want you to live forever , forever in the world of my photography , forever in my albums !  
    Life , it would pass in just a Flickr , then why not capture it on some film !
  When you view my snaps , you actually see various events and things by my eyes !

You are Welcome to view this world by my eyes !  You are Welcome to TSNAPS !

Friday, August 17, 2018

Nephrotic Scheme

do  GPE of 6 year old hamna.

6 yr old Hamna is a conscious cooperative child having obvious facial puffiness , abdominal distension , and pedal edema.
She has PR,Bp,RR, temp .
OFC,Ht, Wt, which i wld like to plot on percentile chart.
She has marked periorbital puffiness , pedla pitting edema extending upto mid tibia, and sacral edema.
She is pale with no jaundice, clubbing, koilonychia, palmer erythema, bruises , or lymphadenopathy.

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