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Monday, April 30, 2018

GIT examination steps

Chest examination (and relevant) steps / respiratory system examination

These are steps for CHEST and relevant examination.

If asked to examine respiratory system , then it begins from examination of nose , ears , and oral cavity .................

New born rashes : ref AAP

Cutis marmorata
Harlequin colour change
Neonatal Acne
Erythema toxicum
Pustular Melanosis
Miliaria Crystallina
Miliaria rubra
Seborrheic dermatitis
atopic dermatitis

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Denys Drash
Phenotypic female or male
Female internal organs with streak ovaries(as MIF is missing)(WT1 suppressor defect)
Plus syndrome findings wilms,renal failure,ambiguous genitals.
Abdominal mass is a rare presenting symptom, they re actually treated as atypical nephrotics ;)
Because genitalia may be virilized to be male looking with labial fusions. If male type true genitals,then cryptorchidism.,but still female internal organs present(obviously has MIF was not there so internal organs will form).

phenotypic male but with cryptorchdism and hypospadias.
46 XY
Wilms,aniridia,GU abnor,retard mental
Defect in chromosome 11.

If the patient has all features of..... DenysDrash,but wilms tunor is not there(oops), then look for developing Gonadoblastoma in streak gonads,its Frasier syndrome.

Now theres a female,
Who has failed to achieve menarche,
But there is thelarche,
Genitals female type,
Ultrasound reveals that there are no internal female organs, and along tract,instead, testes are seen.
Means MIF worked, so no internal organs, testosterons didnot work thats why female external organs. Thats androgen insensitivity syndrome.
Her karyoype will be 46xy.,and normal testosterone...that converts to estradiol,and so thelarche is there.

Now, after this patient,
Another female comes :)
She has failed to achieve menarche, but his patient, also doesnt have thelarche,
The genitals are true female type,
And ultrasound reveals, internal female organs n gonads....oppps!  Wait n see???
Get Karyotype.
Get testosterone.
.thats defective SRY gene,
46,xy but no SRY, means No MIF, means female genitals will form,
No SRY means no testosterone,
Which means no male ductal system or testes and so female genitals.
Its Swyer syndrome.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


*Imam Ibn al-Qayyim* (rahimahullah):

A friend will not (literally) share your struggles, and a loved one cannot physically take away your pain, and a close one will not stay up the night on your behalf. So look after yourself, protect yourself, nurture yourself and don't give life's events more than what they are really worth.

Know for certain that when you break no one will heal you except you, and when you are defeated no one will give you victory except your determination. Your ability to stand up again and carry on is your responsibility.

Do not look for your self worth in the eyes of people; look for your worth from within your conscious. If your conscious is at peace then you will ascend high and if you truly know yourself then what is said about you won't harm you .

Do not carry the worries of this life because this is for Allah. And do not carry the worries of sustenance because it is from Allah. And do not carry the anxiety for the future because it is in the Hands of Allah.

Carry one thing: How to Please Allah. Because if you please Him, He pleases you, fulfils you and enriches you like.

Do not weep from a life that made your heart weep. Just say, "Oh Allah compensate me with good in this life and the HEREAFTER."

Sadness departs with a Sajdah. Happiness comes with a sincere Du'a. Allah does not forget the good you do. Nor does he forget the good you did to others and the pain you relieved them from. Nor will He forget the eye which was about to cry but you made it laugh.

Live your life with this principle:

*Be good even if you don't receive good, not because of others' sake but because Allah loves those who do good*

Monday, April 9, 2018

Long case history

Long case history ---- points,else- chich history

Pt Name                                                                     (add one sided space for D/D based on P/C )
Father Name
Source of History:

Ki masla ay tay kao to masla ay ?

SYS Review
Ix Now
T/M now
Progress Now

Past Hx/Actual History:
--p/c back then
--hopi back then
--sys review
--past hx

For any symptom as :


Aggravating factors
Relieving factors


Compliance(who gives,buys,skipped meds?)/Complications/FollowUp(where/how often/any tests?/any meds added or changed ?/
Hospitalizations(how many where,duration?/what were P/C )
ADL(DEATH: Dressing, Eating, Ambulation, Toileting, Hygiene)
Monitoring at home(as in Nephrotic Syndrome, urinary protein.)

Birth Hx
Nutrition/Feeding Hx(calories: past 24 hours)
Development (may begin by asking about schooling)

Knowledge(about disease)
Impact(On Parents, Patient, Sibling,Schooling,Social Life and Activities)
Family History(consanguinity)hwo many siblings?siblings deaths/?
Social history (own home?rooms?families in home?members?earning? fridge-bike?/water for drinking?/sanitation/ eating red meat?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Worthy few

Our lives continue to be smooth as calmly flowing rivers because of worthy people around us, whom we can trust, and who are strong and brave enough to utter truths,or share their true prospects with us,worthy few!
We must not desire such truthfulness or sharings from every one, but, those who do come closer, and those who fully do,they re the closest and later inseparable.