Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CVS examination

Respiratory system examination

Abdominal examination scheme

Additional murmurs

Austin Flint Murmur is a mid diastolic Murmur audible at Apex in mautic regurgitation.
It occurs due to movement of anterior mitral leaflet between two streams of blood that is one from the left Atrium and other from aorta.
It resembles Murmur of mitral stenosis but S1 is not loud and opening snap is not present.

Graham steell Murmur is an early diastolic murmur of functional pulmonary regurgitation due to pulmonary hypertension

Carey coombs Murmur is a diastolic murmur audible at the apex in acute rheumatic carditis

Pistol shot femorals are heard over femoral arteries in Aortic regurgitation.
These may be heard over any artery.

A to and from murmur maybe audible over femoral arteries when stethoscope is pressed , this is called Duroziez's murmur.