Let Me "write with light" . I want to play with colours ! I want to live in these moments ,forever !
      I want you to live forever , forever in the world of my photography , forever in my albums !  
    Life , it would pass in just a Flickr , then why not capture it on some film !
  When you view my snaps , you actually see various events and things by my eyes !

You are Welcome to view this world by my eyes !  You are Welcome to TSNAPS !

Saturday, January 6, 2018

LCD strip repairing

LCD strip of photo frame, got broke just near its connections with main board (prolonged pressure/weight?over it caused this), so the terminal part of strip was cut straight a little proximal to the point of breakage, and the plastic covering of strip was scraped, exposing the underlying copper, which was then given a layer of soldering wire so as to strengthen the connections and the back of strip was given support with a paper tape, and finally the photo frame was assembled.
Viola it worked good.

In the next step, a usb wire was connected inside ,to the power points of the board, and so 5 volts input cable connection was made.

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