Friday, September 29, 2017

The eid party

So here i come to you,  as you buy things off a store, i am wearing the best possible dress i have, and i am alone as yet, but there are other siblings and cousins playing across the road, whom you haven't seen yet.
And i ask from you, money. And instead of giving me money, you buy me a juice, colourful one, and a ticky pack of biscuits.
Then i demand from you to buy me chips also. And you ask something from the shopkeeper and he hands you over a blue bag ,which is small but seems quite filled. All of this is placed in a small shopping bag, which once handed over to me, i run off, from the shop across the road and then you get busy buying bread. And there you find 4 of us, that includes us from ages 1 to 5 year. I share my delicacies with everyone. We divide biscuits, chips, and i offer my juice to everyone, specially i hold it in my own hands so that the little one may have sips. We relish on this eid day and enjoy along, out of your earnings, and this makes the time of our eid day sweet tasty and worth smiling.