Monday, March 20, 2017

Vaccination card

Genitalia examination points

Examining Male genitalia:

To an older child, explain well what you re going to do.
Check General hygiene, staining with urine or faeces,
Check for urethral discharge
Penile stretch length
Meatal opening
Scrotum size and colour,swelling
Testes presence in scrotum and size
Pubic hair
Inguinal region

Female genitalia:
Explain the examination points to older child,and examine in the presence of a chaperone.
General hygiene, 
Labia majora
Labia minora
Bimanual examination through rectum? 
Pubic hair

Ambiguous Genitalia:
large clitoris
Small penis
Fused labia majora
Hypoplastic labia majora
Undescended testes
Inguinal hernia with mass in 'fenale'infant

CVS exam points