Let Me "write with light" . I want to play with colours ! I want to live in these moments ,forever !
      I want you to live forever , forever in the world of my photography , forever in my albums !  
    Life , it would pass in just a Flickr , then why not capture it on some film !
  When you view my snaps , you actually see various events and things by my eyes !

You are Welcome to view this world by my eyes !  You are Welcome to TSNAPS !

Monday, March 20, 2017

Vaccination card

Genitalia examination points

Describing Male genitalia:
Penile stretch length
Meatal opening
Scrotum size and colour,swelling
Pubic hair
Inguinal region

Female genitalia:
General hygiene, discharge
Labia majora
Labia minora
Bimanual examination through rectum? 
Pubic hair

Ambiguous Genitalia:
large clitoris
Small penis
Fused labia majora
Undescended testes
Inguinal hernia with mass in 'fenale'infant

CVS exam points