Let Me "write with light" . I want to play with colours ! I want to live in these moments ,forever !
      I want you to live forever , forever in the world of my photography , forever in my albums !  
    Life , it would pass in just a Flickr , then why not capture it on some film !
  When you view my snaps , you actually see various events and things by my eyes !

You are Welcome to view this world by my eyes !  You are Welcome to TSNAPS !

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Examination kit

Examination kit includes:

Tongue depressor
Measuring tape
BP apparatus
Card for checking clubbing
6 flat surfaced Blocks

Woods lamp

Lesion examining lens
Clinical Hammer
Fundoscope e tropicamide drops
Slides for nares patency
Red blue green pieces of paper
Snellen chart
10percent dextrose
Tuning fork
2 Tooth picks with sharp and blunt ends
Tissue paper for light touch
Z score charts
Growth charts

BP centile chart

Offer fruits or toys. But not candies or salty eatables. 

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