Saturday, February 25, 2017

Examination kit

Examination kit includes:

Tongue depressor
Measuring tape
BP apparatus with Infant, early child hood, late child hood and adult size cuffs
Card for checking clubbing with key passed in card through a hole for checking Plantars
6 flat surfaced Blocks
Woods lamp (skip it)
Skin Lesion examining lens (skip it)
Clinical Hammer
Fundoscope e tropicamide drops
Otoscope (skip it)
Glass  Slides for checking nares patency
Soap (to checking sense of smell)
Red blue green pieces of paper
Snellen chart
10percent dextrose(may skip it)
Tuning fork (any frequency)
2 Tooth picks with sharp and blunt ends
Tissue paper for light touch
Z score charts
Growth charts
BP centile chart
Story book to check development of child 2 year and above
Offer fruits or toys. But not candies or salty eatables.
Keep Toys with Lights to offer to kid

keep 2 ball pens in your bag
Tissue paper small pack

DSO Shell 150 oscilloscope


Friday, February 24, 2017

My arduino play board v1

The arduino playboard v1 assembled here has

Arduino UNO rev3 as its microComputer
OLED Display
Green LED
2 Push Buttons
LDR(light dependant resistor)
Digital Temperature Sensor

& a Notes Taking pad in the corner

The purpose is to extend Arduino programing knowledge and quickly add new features and sensors.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ECG ad8232 module

The module was purchased from ali express.  Costing around dollar 10 US.
During shipping, perhaps due to some load over the package, 2 of its tiny components (which i initially assumed one as being a resistor and the other as capacitor)  were broken off the board.  A corner of the IC was also damaged.

I decided to retain the product as it was and repair it myself.  Claim was not put on aliexpress.

While searching internet for its schematic i learnt a lot.  And to summarize i came across all the SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM and original board 3D model.  So it was an open source project of SparkFun?  Yes.  Definitely.  They officially gave all data online at GitHub.
And so,
I opened the schematic,  and those were two 0.1uF capacitors that were broken off the board.
And from my collection of components i repaired the board.
Its good as new again.
And tested to work.

The problem now remains refining the code, and perhaps the site where electrodes are attached need to be checked too.  I being a doctor, understand ecg very well, and this hardware will soon give a quality tracing.

Viva la fiesta.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017