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Thursday, November 10, 2016

My view regarding education on fundamentals of Islam in our society

As the title says, this analysis is done on 11/11/2016 .
It might be proven wrong by anyone else on this day, or the days to come, or even it may be proven otherwise by I myself in the later days.

In my opinion, the fundamentals of Islam which are in Arabic (Quran, and Hadees) (and General and specific methods - like Ablution/wuzu) need to be taught to Children first in URDU ,our native language, and then in arabic. Most of our time was spent in learning arabic in our childhood days. I say, along with that learning, why not ask children to recite Quran in urdu . So that by matriculation every student has gone through Quran e Majeed urdu translation and contrinue to recite the Arabic.
No doubt , by middle class most of the students has fully gone through the Arabic Quran. But they hardly know the urdu translation. So when they step into the age of adolescence they have know knowledge of teahings of Quran e Majeed, and mostly rely on what is narrated to them in the families or all they hear in the mosques or on TV channels. They are deprived of the first hand knowledge from the Quran and Hadees.
Children in the schools should be taught whole URDU QURAN by middle class(8th). They should continue or complete Arabic Quran along.

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