Sunday, November 27, 2016

Caring from the soil

I wash hands.
Very often.
Most importantly when i have to examine any patient.
It so happened that last night i was on my paediatric ICU call,  and got a speck of blood on my hand while sampling a patient for blood gases, i washed my hands, thoroughly. 
There was no sterile towel available so i made up my mind to let hands air dry. 
At this very moment mother of my baby patient  called me to her bed. I went there,  sat on a wooden bench to listen to her .  On the next bed, a very old woman, mother of a comatose patient was observing me and in no time i was offered a clean shawl by her to dry my hands with,  saying "ay lo doctor sab hath punj lo"  , "here, respectable doctor, cloth to dry your hands".Quickly i had calculations in my mind that no this isn't sterile and whole purpose of handwashing will be compromised.  But the love in her offering and the caring in her voice smelt like coming from the same soil as i was brought up from.  And i dried my hands with the shawl.  After listening to the mother who had called me,  i went to my personal washroom to wash hands and come back to duty.
I felt cared for. It was just one extra handwash to accept the caring.

Friday, November 11, 2016

My view regarding education on fundamentals of Islam in our society

As the title says, this analysis is done on 11/11/2016 .
It might be proven wrong by anyone else on this day, or the days to come, or even it may be proven otherwise by I myself in the later days.

In my opinion, the fundamentals of Islam which are in Arabic (Quran, and Hadees) (and General and specific methods - like Ablution/wuzu) need to be taught to Children first in URDU ,our native language, and then in arabic. Most of our time was spent in learning arabic in our childhood days. I say, along with that learning, why not ask children to recite Quran in urdu . So that by matriculation every student has gone through Quran e Majeed urdu translation and contrinue to recite the Arabic.
No doubt , by middle class most of the students has fully gone through the Arabic Quran. But they hardly know the urdu translation. So when they step into the age of adolescence they have know knowledge of teahings of Quran e Majeed, and mostly rely on what is narrated to them in the families or all they hear in the mosques or on TV channels. They are deprived of the first hand knowledge from the Quran and Hadees.
Children in the schools should be taught whole URDU QURAN by middle class(8th). They should continue or complete Arabic Quran along.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Everyone talks about his own business.
A shopkeeper will narrate the problems he faces in his routines and the solution for them, advices to government so that his issue be resolved, a teacher will comment on the issues he has to faced and all those worries that trouble him and put education system on stake, the future of his pupils. The doctor so will talk about the problems and issues in health system, the solution for them and how badly it needs reforms.
Thats the rule of nature, thats in the seed of our instincts and thoughts from where they emanate, that one talks about his own future which he perceives in his subconscious mind.
The successful one is who gets maximum into his own business.
That maximum is usually money. The countable.
But there are other forms of wealth too.
Which anyone can gain in his profession.
They could be physical and mental health.
That could be respect in society, living with dignity and elegance in beautiful surroundings,
having a lot of time for people around you,
If everyone just focuses on what one wants out of life , then , every one of these "businessmen" would concentrate more on the product than on the profit out of it.
It must not imply that the profit itself is not worth it, the profit is worthy but lesser than the product itself. At one point the profit could actually sustain the product making the point stronger , that ultimately its the product that matters. Whether its a well educated well trained pupil that comes out of a teachers minds and efforts, or a patient of a doctor who is no more a patient now, or the things that shopkeeper sells which are pure !  The human race, the monopoly and misconcepts of society and the wickedness of people in power , have rendered the profit more valuable than the product. The opposite will always hold true for anyone who seeks out and then finds the true wealth,

A demanding job.....

The saddest aspect related to demanding job of a doctor is, it somehow leaves the person in no good relation with those he then wants to be with . Let it be med school, or be it medical practise, someone had said it very right , that a doctor who is sincere with his job is never good at keeping relationships healthy, and a doctor having very healthy relationships is not doing good with his job. Multiple examples and experiences are there  that testify this. I cannot comment how this happens with all others having demanding jobs as policemen, military personnels , rescue workers, security guards ,but  somehow , i have a feeling that keeping relationships healthy is a tough task, how tougher it would be when lets say a man and his spouse both are doctors.
It is a matter that requires intense attention and is the one that is being neglected the most.
Its because everyone is stuck in his routine.
We have created our daily chores, tasks , and schedules.
The lifestyle so opted has indulged us all in routines where either we cannot afford to properly manage our relationships along, or we never get an insight that relationships need time.
Like a patient who can access his doctor in time, like a critical being who is attended with affection by his physician, like the way a doctor tolerates the harsh words from a patient or his attendant, a doctor must realize that someone at home or in friends also needs the same affectionate caring, and deserves the same level of care at some point . Not necessarily in their disease, but more often in their health. The dilemma is doctors are poor time managers when it comes to their own relationships or their homes. They manage it excellently when it comes to their patient, both of them right on schedule. But what about closer blood relation, or soul mate ? There's the real deficit . Time deficit, Attention deficit, deficit of care and tolerance.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Not a simple word, not assessed by any score or a calculation, its a feeling of belief that we have subconsciously in everything we are in communication with. Our cars, pets, friends, our family , all living and non living things which are communicating with us , we have some degree of trust shared with them. A little we give it to them. A little they give it to us. And this little then builds up into something precious , a stronger belief and a stronger relation. Daily we trust our vehicles, we trust our friends. But this trust, then, varies in degrees from person to person. And as it varies from one person to other , its because of the time tested moments with others that this relation comes into being.
Take out trust between two parties, between two friends, between a man and his woman, or a boy and his pet, there will be left nothing but merely two breathing soles. Disconnected from one another. Separated. Walking perhaps on the same road  but in opposite directions.
Trust is the basis which we have subconsciously built up in our minds but we hardly try to assess it, Yet when the moment of test comes, when we are betrayed , or when we have a feeling of betrayal or of being lied with , we conclude our relationships. In such situations hastiness is not rewarding. Rather circumstances and events should be assessed before the actual person under assessment.
However, if such betrayals or lies are routine then its easy to make a general assumption about some one, their attitude towards you . And so as one lets go off the trust, nothing remains there.Not even the feeling of caring for the other. And that's how the subconscious mind then builds up the relation as if two cars pass by each other and drivers hardly notice that who is driving the car. This trust once lost, can be gained back , but very rarely. For trust once broken always caries the repaired cracks with it then.