Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lahore to canal mustafa abad - near Kasur

Its the maiden out of lahore trip, on Thunderstorm.
The day starts with a fuzz, of oversleeping-a dream of every doctor who gets a holiday to sleep till the back aches. The plan was not abrupt, but abrupt that thunderstorm will be ridden now. Yes , the idea was to goto a trip to a city in periphery of Lahore. Perhaps gujranwala, or shaharqpur, on car. But as i woke up some thoughts occupied and after getting a shower and a quick glass of juicy calories , i was checking pressures in both tyres of my motorized bicycle. The front rubber brake needed replacement and was replaced with a paritally used one within minutes.
The air-pump was zip tied to bicycle. Petrol in the tank checked. which was enough for 15 kilometers ride so i could refuel on the way.
With a bottle of water and a pack of bisuits in the sidebag of my cycle, phone , earphones , tissues and few money with me , i hardly checked the supplies,backups and replacement parts in the sidebag of cycle and found myself riding on the road and pedal starting my lovely ride. It was a good engine start , got optimum hot in 500 meters distance with good pick and speed.
Sun shineth bright.
The day windy.
And my helmet cam out handy, saving me from bright companion in the sky. Face mask needed to be used , soon after i headed to the main road , too much smoke.
This all journey began at 1:15 pm , 31st august ,2016.
I refueled the tank with rs 30 petrol.  And headed towards the kacha jail road , a shortcut towards ferozepur road . Perhaps a 4 kilometer shortcut, or you may say 20 minutes saves in rush hours of this time, when there ll be lots of school vans on roads.
But, the road was under construction. So i had to move toward the  traditional route of going via bridge to ferozepur road. Ferozepur a city in India. the road is very busy, popular, and a big inter town connector in Lahore, Pakistan. The road connects Kasur to Lahore. & my destination was near Kasur. About 20 KM prior .
The cycle thundered over the bridge like a Lion , as engine had to do a lot of work ;-) and the maximum speed i got was 31 KM/H .
It was a lovely start. No doubt.
Airy cool , bright windy , clean Lahore, and Me , on a ride that i now began to trust.
After assembling engine over it , 4months back, finally it took me the courage to trust this beast of technology , so cheap and yet so trustworthy. Perhaps , i now understood its mechanics much better , and i could somehow understand where the problem was in case the engine ever failed during this time. & not to mention the repairs i could already understand regarding the cycle itself.
It was perhaps this trust, also, that led me not to check my side bag for all replacement parts, tools that i must carry with me when on a long ride. This leads me to two things , both i shall write here, thats the need of tools which i missed badly when my ride gave up in the trip., and the list of tunings,carry items that I should always have with me in the side bag, and reapirs of the side bag itself.
So, the story goes on and on with me sitting on a comfy springy seat of thunderstorm and my eyes getting irritated with dust and wind , though i had mask on my face against dust and smoke, but the wind was really irritating . It was not beyond 10 kilometers ride further that i found multiple pathan brothers selling cheap , rather the cheapest sunglasses in the world. And there i purchased a rs 50 plastic sunglasses........ The view through it changed my life.
I became the happiest person in the world.
Who could ride at 35km/hour.
who could breathe filtered air.
& above all , in such a cool windy way ,could see all vistas with ease at my conjunctiva.
As i write more , and tell about my speeds and times and money being spent, i would love to sum up in the end all of these spendings.
My glasses looked cool. Oh yes. i know ;-)


Friday, August 26, 2016

IVIG dosage chich

IVIG dosage chich

Protocol for hepatic encephalopathy

Protocol for hepatic encephalopathy

Add kleen enema
Rifixamine per ng
Sodium benzoate per ng
Flumazenil iv
Syp duphalac per ng

Friday, August 5, 2016

Pancreatitis Diet Do's and Don'ts

Pancreatitis Diet

If patient is taking Cap Kreon, then pt can take a glass of milk daily , and fried food in Olive Oil and Corn Oil.