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Saturday, June 18, 2016


The procedure for otoscopy is as :

Introduce yourself.
Tell that the chart has been reviewed and examination done, and i further need to examine ears for making a final diagnosis.
Explain the procedure steps to Child and his parents.
Tell them and show the device that it just emits a light and with light the ear will be seen . it causes no pain . Throw light on the hand of the child and talk with him to build reputation.
For a very small child the position is the same as holding in LAP for examining the throat. for elder child ask mother to stand beside and and have her hand on his head so as he doesnt move it.
Then inspect the Pinna , Behind the ear and the mastoid process .
then with Right sized speculum on the auriscope , hold the scope like a PEN , examine the external auditory canal for WAX , REDNESS SWELLING DISCHARGE, then the pearly white eardrum, the cone of light that forms as light is thrown over it and the fluid level seen through it if any, or the perforation. With a bladder attached to the scope check movements of the eardrum. Withdraw the scope, examine the other ear .

Tell findings to the parents ,
Greet and good bye.
Write findings in the chart.

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