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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hunza Dastaan- Review

Hunza Dastaan by Mustansar Hussain Tarrar highlights the beauty of hunza valley . Writer takes us to a virtual tour, by words so close to the real view of the place.  He introduces us to the locals and their customs , their hospitality . He also introduces us to the exigencies of the visits to various places around Hunza valley , and the mishaps that can occur in the way. And , finally , after writing so good a book , makes a very faulty , ill ending , where he is tired , and in trying maximum to spend EID with his family he travels by getting on plane by unfair means, back to lahore . So he spends EID with his family after such a beautiful tour although he didnt get his ticket booked in that plane , while those 2 passengers who had tickets booked in the plane were left in Gilgit , away from their families.
   The book surely at times takes you to the real Hunza valley , and you are lost in thoughts about mountains, caves, trekking , and you are lost in pleasures where you feel enjoying- sitting in the hotel terrace with the author. Marvelous. However, even being so close to nature , the author didn't learn that nature is so simple , benign and caring to others, and he wickedly traveled on seats that were booked for someone else. Sadness is , he has no repentance while he write so in the book.He perhaps writes it with pride that he got away wickedly . And that is why, it is going to be the only (and the Last) travelogue from the author that i have read.

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