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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Drip set rate

what are the formulas to calculate drops rate of a simple dripset, B.T set , and microburette ???

 In in simple drip set 15 drops = 1 ml
 In Blood Tx Set 12 drops = 1ml
 In microdrip set (pediadrip) 60 micro-drops =1 ml

Various Formulae are given below.

 1)   Simple Calculation Formula is:

                    Fluid in ml *drops/time in min

2) Drop index Formula is :

                   Fluid in ml ×drop index/time in min                    

  the drops will come out for one minute !
  drop index is 15 for dripset ,, 60 for M.B (pediadrip) and 10 or BT set.


4) for DRIP.............FLUIDS(ml)/TIME(hrs) MULTIPLY BY 1/4.....e.g to give 500 ml in 8 hrs it will be approx 62 micro drop/min or 15 macrodrops.

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