Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bright blooms....

Magills foriegn body forceps

These forceps must be a part of emergency tray in any paediatrics emergency.

Sir William Osler

Oslers's saying....

5 grades of papilledema

Simplest, easiest imagery for papilledema understanding and grading , as seen on fundoscopy

Six Kalmay !.....

Marygold inca....


Calculating surface area from weight

Surface Area (S.A) = (4x+7)/(90+x)

Fanning Leaves !

Leaves of the this little plant fan out in day light . And in the dark , close like an umbrella. Species unknown. Perhaps a wild herb growing along lilly plant.
Turgor changes in sunlight   in the leaves' little stems may be the most likely reason for opening in the day light.

Friday, October 10, 2014

my new..Littmann Paediatric Stethoscope - classic SII- se

Its the stethoscope that chooses its Doctor.

" It's the Wand that chooses the wizard .................... " - Harry Potter

Malala Yousufzai from Pakistan Gets Nobel Peace Priize

The Youngest Laureate ...&
3rd Nobel Laureate born in Pakistan.

Prev two were Subramanyan Chandrasekhar born Lahore, 

& Dr Abdus Salam born Jhang.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clinical Approach to a Child with limping Gait- Gait Assessment in children



Power point presentation file Title : Clinical Approach to a Child with a Limp


The presentation targets the Gait assessment with special consideration of clinical exam in children.

Download Power Point Presentation : CLICK HERE   (read notes below slides for better understanding)

Download the videos for understanding slides: CLICK HERE



Videos found from youtube. I do not own these videos.Added with presentation for understanding of students.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Columbine & Semi-trailing Petunia Seeds

Seeds of semi-trailing petunia and columbine sown.
Seeds of petunia afe very small 1mm in size and fragile. While those of columbine are larger about 2-3 mm in size.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Arduino with microservo & ultrasonic sensors

Arduino uno rev3 board is one of the marvels in microcontroller technology .

Microservo motor supports on mount the ultrasonic distant sensor module and is controlled by arduino !

Monday, August 25, 2014




Hazrat Tipu Sultan  Hazrat Tipu Sultan --- “Shair e Maysore”


Tipu Sultan ki Wasiyat – Allama Iqbal

Sultan Tipu Ki Wasiyat
The Testament Of Tipu Sultan

Tu Reh Naward-e-Shauq Hai, Manzil Na Kar Qabool
Laila Bhi Hum-Nasheen Ho To Mehmil Na Kar Qabool
If you traverse the road of love, Donʹt yearn to seek repose or rest:
If Layla be your companion close that litter shun with great contempt.

Ae Jooye Aab Barh Ke Ho Darya-e-Tund-o-Taiz
Sahil Tujhe Atta Ho To Sahil Na Kar Qabool
O streamlet, onward flow and get transformed to torrent strong and deep:
If bank is eʹer on you bestowed, Abstain, flow on with mighty sweep.

Khoya Na Ja Sanamkada-e-Kainat Mein
Mehfil Gudaz! Garmi-e-Mehfil Na Kar Qabool
Donʹt lose your bearings in this world because with idols it is full:
The assemblage here can cast a spell, disdain, or strings of heart shall pull.

Subah-e-Azal Ye Mujh Se Kaha Jibreel Ne
Jo Aqal Ka Ghulam Ho, Woh Dil Na Kar Qabool
Gabriel on Creationʹs Early Morn, a piece of useful counsel gave:
He bade me not accept a heart enchained by mind of man like slave.

Batil Dooyi Pasand Hai, Haq La-Shareek Hai
Shirkat Mayana-e-Haq-o-Batil Na Kar Qabool
Untruth conceals in various masks but Truth and God are both unique:
There canʹt be pool ʹtwixt good and bad—This fact is known from times antique.


Poem # 2

He was like a tiger tearing
Apart his enemies and
the Arrays of British, defeated
Many a king who took sides
Of them, speading his kingdom
And sending shivers up the spines
Of the Britsh who used all
Tricks in their dictionary
To make hom surrender.
He used missiles for
The first time in history
Of mankind and scared the
Wits out of his enemies,
But was defeated and killed
By the sheer treachery
Of his own men who made
Secret pacts with the british
And abstained from war,
Some even fighting against him.
His glory can never disappear,
from the pages of History
Of this country, who made
many sons of war and peace.


Submitted: Saturday, October 13, 2007